A home’s heating system is responsible for keeping you warm and comfortable on chilly nights and throughout the winter. Unfortunately, whether your home uses a furnace, heat pump, mini-split heating system, or other heating method, it sometimes might fail to distribute warmth throughout your home. A home with no heating is, understandably, a frustrating inconvenience. But why do heating systems fail in the first place?

The team of HVAC technicians at Spoor’s Heating & Air Conditioning shares some of the most common reasons a home heating system fails. Contact our HVAC company today to schedule heating services!

Heater Not Working

Lack Of Maintenance

A lack of regular maintenance is perhaps the most common reason for heating system failure. Several issues can occur within an improperly maintained heating system. Often, these issues are simply caused by dirt build-up. Some common problems from lack of maintenance include the following. 

  • Restricted airflow from a dirty, unchanged air filter.
  • Furnace burners that won’t light due to a dirty flame sensor.
  • A furnace that can’t ignite because of dirt-covered burners.
  • Equipment failure caused by a dirty blower. 

Don’t let something as simple as lack of maintenance prevent you from being comfortable in your own home. Contact us today to schedule routine HVAC maintenance!

Low Refrigerant Levels

If you have a heat pump that’s failing to warm up your home, the problem may be low refrigerant levels. Without sufficient refrigerant levels, your heat pump will have a much harder time effectively heating your home’s interior. Worse yet, a low refrigerant charge could result in coils freezing up or the compressor overheating. If you suspect your heat pump is getting low on refrigerant levels, have them refilled sooner than later, as a refrigerant refill is far cheaper than compressor repairs. 

Thermostat Malfunctions

Thermostats regulate when your heating system kicks on and off. Therefore, any issue or malfunction within a thermostat can cause the heating system to run at the wrong times, temperature, or cease operation altogether. Thermostats generally don’t require maintenance as often as other components of an HVAC system; however, there will come a time when every thermostat will need some repairs. Just be sure to check if the thermostat is programmed correctly before calling an HVAC professional. 

Faulty Ductwork

Heating system failure may not always have to do with a heater component; occasionally, the problem comes from poorly designed or poorly installed ductwork. A home’s ductwork is vital to its airflow. Incorrectly installed or designed ductwork will restrict airflow and make reaching a desirable temperature in one’s home far more difficult. Eventually, the added stress of trying to heat a home with faulty ductwork will take its toll on your heating system and may even cause it to overheat. 

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