Benefits Of Indoor Air Quality Services For Auburn Residents

When it comes to indoor air quality, the importance of HVAC maintenance cannot be overstated. Both residential and commercial properties with poor air quality can severely impact the health and wellbeing of individuals within them. Fortunately, our team of highly skilled HVAC technicians can effectively install, efficiently maintain, and professionally repair your heating and cooling system to keep your indoor air healthy throughout the year. We use a comprehensive HVAC maintenance checklist for general services as well as AC services, gas heat services, heat pump services, and water heater services. Schedule HVAC maintenance today!

Healthy Humidity Levels

Indoor humidity control is integral to high air quality.  Air that is too dry can cause nosebleeds and skin irritation, while air that is too moist can result in the development of airborne allergens and cause structural damage to buildings. Our residential and commercial HVAC IAQ services can help you control indoor moisture levels, preventing mold and bacteria growth and increasing comfort levels. We can help you achieve an ideal humidity level for optimized home comfort.

Reduced Allergy Symptoms

Those who suffer from allergies — whether it’s seasonal or year-round — know that cleaner air means better breathing. We offer multiple indoor air solutions, including evaporative coolers and purification systems specifically designed to help individuals suffering from allergies and other respiratory problems. After our technicians inspect your HVAC unit, they can help you determine the best filtration option that accommodates both you and your system.

Better, Deeper Sleep

Poor indoor air quality does more than hamper the functionality of HVAC units — it can also reduce our abilities to breathe properly, commonly resulting in respiratory issues. With our home and business IAQ services, Auburn residents can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they have healthy, clean air. High IAQ even promotes better, deeper and higher quality sleep cycles by making it easier for us to breathe during each of the different stages of slumber.

Minimized Air Pollution

Whether your HVAC system requires replacement, your AC or furnace needs repairs, or your heating and cooling system is past its functional lifespan, our team can help you ensure your indoor atmosphere is both healthy and comfortable. We offer effective air purification tools that banish air pollutants, including pet dander, mildew and mold spores, dust, and other airborne contaminants. We can also help you pick the right system for your needs.

Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Services From Spoor’s Heating & Air Conditioning

Wondering how to improve indoor air quality in your home or business? Spoor’s Heating & Air Conditioning has everything you need to boost IAQ levels, maximize HVAC system efficiency, purify indoor air, and save money with lower monthly utility bills. Our technicians can help you enjoy higher-quality air and improve your indoor comfort with our wide range of extensive, all-encompassing heating and cooling services, including installations, maintenance, and repairs. Contact us today to get started improving your IAQ — schedule HVAC services today!

Get An HVAC Checkup

Periodic HVAC tune-ups and maintenance save you money by allowing us to repair potential issues early and making sure the system operates at peak efficiency. Call Spoor’s Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule a checkup!

“See What Our
Clients Are Saying”

I can not say enough good things about Spoor's Heating & Air! I not only use them to maintain my system at home but I also use them in my real estate business. They help me inspect and/or repair systems for my clients during crucial times in a real estate transaction. They truly go above and beyond for their customers. I highly recommend them!

-Margaux Sindoni

Great company with fast response times! Our restaurants ac went out around 12pm and we open at 5! called a few heating and air companies and they were the first to get back to me. All of their employees were currently out on other jobs but the owner Jeff himself came out and fixed our miner problem by 3pm leaving us with a fresh dinning room for the busy night shift. highly recommend them!! family owned and operated! Manager of Lafornaretta restaurant in Newcastle

-Gianluca Dilorenzo

There honest reasonably priced and have a great work ethic! I can't say enough of how they bend over backwards to help their customers.

-Christine Riley

We recently replaced a heating and air conditioning unit at our rental. Spoor's Heating and Air presented a very reasonable bid for the work with higher end equipment than what their competitors offered. They were extremely timely and professional, both when the old heater needed servicing, as well as installing the new system. The new system had some difficult placement issues and they did an excellent job strategizing the best installation solution. My husband used to install these types of systems (retired). He observed the work, and was extremely pleased with the end result. We highly recommend Spoor's Heating and Air.

-Laurie Sweeney