We know HVAC maintenance is essential to the life of your unit and your comfort at home. That's why we’re committed to having your system run at its peak performance. To achieve that, we recommend that you schedule at least two tune-ups every year in the spring and fall.

We’re also committed to making our services affordable; maintenance is a big part of that. As long as your HVAC system is checked regularly, it shouldn’t need expensive emergency repairs or replacement. We believe a client should never be charged more just because their system broke down at an inconvenient time. So unlike some heating and AC companies in Auburn, we charge no overtime rates.

We understand HVAC equipment probably isn’t the first item on your mind (unless of course, it isn’t working correctly). That’s why we have our Home Comfort Club (HCC) for planned HVAC maintenance. As a member, you’ll receive seasonal tune-ups, discounts, and other benefits. We also offer a 12-month parts and labor warranty.

Our HVAC company is in the business of caring for the people we serve and our community at large. As a member of the Home Comfort Club, you’ll receive updates every six months reminding you that your unit is due for maintenance. If you need additional HVAC repairs before then, we’re just a phone call away.

If you’re ready to become a member of the Home Comfort Club, please click below to sign up.

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