People often make decisions regarding their homes based on myths and misconceptions, especially new homeowners. HVAC myths could cost you hundreds of dollars in energy bills and increase wear and tear on your air conditioning unit. To save money and ensure your AC is working properly and efficiently, review these common debunked myths. Our HVAC company provides comprehensive air conditioning services to keep you and your family comfortable and cool. For air conditioning repairs and maintenance, contact us today to schedule AC service!

6 Air Conditioning Myths Costing You Money

The Size Of Your A/C Unit Isn’t Important

An air conditioning unit should be fit for a specific space. Contrary to popular belief, an AC unit too large for a home is just as inefficient as an AC unit too small. A small air conditioning system will need to work harder to cool the space putting significant wear and tear on the unit. It will also not cool the home effectively. An AC system that is too large will continually turn on and off and cause damage to the unit. One of our HVAC professionals can fit your home with the correct size unit to cool your space efficiently.

Turn Off Your AC When You Are Not Home 

After your AC is left off, it has to work harder to cool your home down again once it is turned back on. OurHVAC companyrecommends turning up several degrees while you are away instead of turning the AC off entirely. This practice can save you money and provide the following benefits. 

  • Protects against mold, pests, and bad odors
  • Keeps your home comfortable 
  • Reduces wear and tear on your unit 

Keep Vents Closed in Unused Rooms

Closing vents in unused rooms does not save money in energy costs. Instead, the AC unit will operate the same and use the same amount of energy. This causes air pressure to build up in the ducts and unbalanced air distribution, making it more difficult for the HVAC system to move air through them. 

You Can Catch a Cold From Air Conditioning

While poor indoor air quality can cause allergy symptoms from dander, pollen, and dust, possibly causing a cold. Colds are caused by bacteria and viruses, not cold air blowing on your face. If you are experiencing irritation from your air conditioning, change the air filters more frequently to help minimize allergens. 

Thermostat Location Doesn’t Matter 

The placement of a thermostat in a home impacts the system's effectiveness. It needs to be in a central location where it can get an accurate temperature reading of your home. It should also avoid heat and cold sources like exterior doors, fireplaces, and kitchens. A thermostat obtaining improper temperature readings causes it to waste energy and not provide proper cooling to your home. 

Maintenance Doesn’t Matter

Proper maintenance keeps your HVAC system working better for longer. It helps prevent damage and locate damage that may have gone unnoticed. This saves you money in both energy efficiency and preventing costly repairs or AC replacement.