A clogged AC condensate drain line is a common cause of AC system failure. Worse yet, a clogged AC drain line can cause water to pool on the ground near your air conditioner, potentially resulting in severe water damage to your property. Needless to say, it’s best to fix an AC drain line clog as soon as possible. Below, our experienced HVAC technicians outline how you can identify and fix a clogged AC drain line.

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Signs Of A Clogged AC Drain Line

Some modern HVAC units include sensors that alert homeowners if their AC drain line becomes clogged. However, if your HVAC unit doesn’t include those sensors, it’s important to be able to recognize the signs of a clogged AC drain line. The following are some of the most common signs of a clogged AC drain line.

  • Musty/moldy odor around your indoor AC unit
  • Water pooling around AC unit
  • AC system won’t turn on
  • AC system not cooling properly
  • Water damage around indoor AC unit

How To Unclog Your AC Drain Line

Homeowners can use two DIY methods to unclog an AC condensate drain line: a wet/dry vacuum or a garden hose.

With A Wet/Dry Vacuum

The first step to unclogging an AC drain line with a wet/dry vacuum is to turn off your air conditioning. Next, locate the drain line’s access and runoff, which would be a PVC pipe near the AC’s outdoor unit. Once located, attach the vacuum’s hose to the end of the drain line and wrap duct tape around the mouth of the wet/dry vacuum to create a seal. Finally, run the vacuum for a couple of minutes, and the clog should clear up in no time!

With A Garden Hose

First, attach one end of your garden hose to a spigot and the other to the AC’s condensate drain. Next, turn the water spigot all the way up to allow for maximum water pressure and let it run for roughly five seconds, then turn it off. Continue doing this until the clog loosens. 

Schedule Professional AC Service

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