An evaporative cooler, more commonly known as a swamp cooler, works well in arid climates to increase humidity. However, like a typical HVAC unit, a swamp cooler can break down over time and require swamp cooler repairs. If your swamp cooler isn't cooling effectively or you're noticing strange sounds when it turns on, contact Spoor's Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment before you need emergency repairs.

4 Common Swamp Cooler Repairs

Water Pump

Mineral build-up in the pump lines can cause the water pump not to function properly. Signs of this can include the following.

  • Air not becoming cool as fast as it once did.
  • Unusual sounds when the system turns on.
  • Pads are not moist while the system is on.


The swamp cooler fan helps move air along over the pads and out through the unit to cool your home. The fan may break down for various reasons, especially if it's an older unit. This can include general wear and tear of the blades or motor. The fan belt may also be worn down and not rotating properly, which can cause the fan to not spin properly. A technician with Spoor's Heating & Air can inspect the fan and all electrical components to determine the best course of action.


Sometimes when a swamp cooler isn't fully dried before storing for the winter, it can become a host to mold growth. Not only does this affect the indoor air quality when it's put back into use the following spring, but it can also be responsible for foul odors and create clogs and other issues with the system. You can remove the mold yourself with a combination of water, vinegar, and bicarbonate of soda or have it done during HVAC maintenance to avoid causing any potential issues.