Most homeowners recognize the importance of upkeeping their heating system. However, even the most responsible folks may be tempted to put off making repairs on their heating system during the warm season or if the problem seems insignificant. We’re here to say that, while we understand the inclination to save money and hold off on repairs until they’re more relevant, that’s not the wisest idea. Below, the experienced HVAC contractorsat Spoor’s Heating & Air Conditioning outline a few reasons why it’s best to remediate heating system problems as soon as they present themselves.

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A Breakdown Is Inevitable

Heating systems with a broken, faulty, or worn component will only last so long before breaking down completely. Not only will repairing a broken down heating system be more expensive than replacing a single worn component, but you may also be unable to heat your home at a time when you really need it, such as in the middle of winter or on a cold night. Beyond being inconvenient, exposure to low temperatures for an extended period can be dangerous. Repairing heating system problems upfront is more convenient, safer, and cheaper than waiting.

You’ll End Up Spending More Money

Speaking of being cheaper, waiting to repair any kind of problem with your heating system will likely end up costing you more money in the long run. When you run a heating system that contains a damaged or broken component, it will have to work harder to make up the slack. If you put off repairing your heating system and continue to use it, you’ll likely notice a spike in your utility bills. Rather than pay extra for electricity due to an inefficient heating system, have it repaired!

A Longer Lasting System

A well-cared-for heating system can last somewhere between 10–15 years. A system that’s continuously straining itself because it’s being forced to run with a damaged component will last significantly shorter. Leaving heating issues unaddressed will only shorten your system’s life span and force an earlier than necessary replacement. 

How To Know When It’s Time For Heating Repair

The minute you notice a problem with your heating system, get in touch with our HVAC companyto schedule a service appointment. Some common signs that your heating system may require repair including the following. 

  • Your system struggling to start up
  • Rooms heating unevenly
  • Abnormal odors (smoke, burning, rotten eggs, etc.)
  • Spike in utility bills
  • Shorter cycles
  • Low temperatures