A properly functioning heating system is a home’s most valuable asset when those chilly wintertime days roll into Northern California. To keep everyone feeling cozy through the fall and into the winter, make use of these HVAC maintenance tips from our technicians at Spoor’s Heating & Air Conditioning.

Change Out Air Filters

HVAC filters are essential to keeping air quality high throughout the home. Filtering dust and other small particles, a clean HVAC filter provides families with cleaner air and can reduce the number of allergens entering the home. Filters should be replaced every 1–3 months, as filters that have accumulated dust or other debris can limit airflow and reduce an HVAC system’s efficiency. Replacing air filters is one of the easiest ways to maintain an HVAC system — simply pop out an old filter and slide in a new one, and you’re set until another change is needed.

Fall HVAC Maintenance In Auburn, CA

Remove Obstructions & Debris

For those who have an outdoor component to their HVAC system, keep objects such as fallen leaves, branches, and other yard debris from piling on top of the unit. Not only can these obstructions reduce airflow to the system (hurting its overall performance), but they can also lead to total system failure if not addressed, requiring extensive HVAC repairs. Take some time before temperatures drop to remove built-up litter that has accumulated around the HVAC system.

Readjust The Thermostat

With temperatures rising and falling during autumn, an HVAC system can experience a lot of strain. Instead of heating and cooling a home to extremes, calibrate the thermostat settings more evenly for the fall weather. Don’t forget to account for changes in family schedules, as it’s likely that the amount of heating and cooling needed during the summer is different when family members are home all day versus in the fall when school has started again.

Test Heating Systems

With how hot summers are, it’s likely that heating systems haven’t seen much use in the past several months. Before the temperatures begin to drop, turn on heating systems to ensure that warm air still circulates. Most HVAC companies will note a rise in requests for heating and furnace repair services once the temperatures begin to drop and homeowners realize they are without heat. By taking precautions in the fall, you can beat the maintenance rush and enjoy a comfortable home environment.

Get Professional HVAC Maintenance

Aging or defective HVAC systems can’t always be fixed with a bit of dusting and tidying up. Rather than waiting until the system fails entirely, consider utilizing heating system maintenance services to help extend the functional life of a heating system while also reducing the chance of future breakdowns. With planned maintenance available through our Home Comfort Club, homeowners can rest easy knowing their equipment is routinely checked over and the manufacturer’s warranty is validated. To schedule a local heating and air repair or to set up regular repair appointments, contact us today!