There are a number of reasons homeowners may be interested in upgrading their HVAC systems, including high utility bills and new technology upgrades. HVAC repair technicians in Auburn, CA, with Spoors Heating and Air Conditioning recommend these upgrades for your HVAC system to help boost your system’s efficiency and performance and avoid the need for emergency HVAC repairs.

1. Zone Damper System

A zone damper system allows homeowners to heat and cool areas of the house separately. Thermostats are placed in each “zone” of the house for complete indoor comfort control. This system is particularly useful for homes with rooms that are used less often in certain seasons and thus require less heating or cooling.

Upgrade Your HVAC System In Auburn, CA

2. Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats provide homeowners control over the temperature of their home without manually adjusting the thermostat throughout the day. Homeowners can set the desired temperatures for segments throughout the day, and the HVAC will heat or cool the home accordingly. Some programmable thermostats offer mobile capabilities, allowing homeowners to adjust settings via their mobile phones.

3. Whole House Fan System

If your HVAC runs non-stop, our air conditioning contractors in Auburn recommend a whole house fan system. This is a large, powerful fan installed in the ceiling that, in certain climates, is powerful enough to substitute for an A/C system. When combined with an air conditioner, the fan should operate in the mornings and evenings, while the air conditioning system is used during the heat of the day.

4. Re-Sealing The Duct System

We’d like to say it isn’t true, but many HVAC and air duct installation companies get it wrong when sealing air ducts during initial installation. Contractors often settle for substandard sealants such as duct tape, which may hold for a while but will leak over time. Homeowners who notice an increase in utility bills should consider contacting a local HVAC repair company to discuss resealing their duct system.

5. Indoor Air Quality Sensors

Air quality can affect your overall health. In Auburn, wildfires can have an effect on indoor air quality, making air quality sensors a smart investment for homeowners. Air quality sensors track types of pollutants in the air, including dust, bacteria, pollen, and viruses. Many indoor air quality sensors include a feature that allows homeowners to observe gradual changes in air quality. This data helps homeowners determine when it’s time to schedule HVAC maintenance in Auburn, California.

If your utility bills are uncomfortably high, but it’s not yet time to replace your HVAC system, consider upgrading to optimize your system’s efficiency. Contact our HVAC repair and maintenance company today to discuss the best upgrade options for your system.