When winter comes around, it typically brings with it cold winds that cause dry, itchy skin. Dry skin is a common occurrence among NorCal residents during the cold season and it often results from depleted moisture levels within the skin. Without proper care to your home or business’ indoor air, dry skin woes can become more severe.

But have no fear — our HVAC company offers the following tips to help you, your family, and your employees maintain moisturized, healthy skin all winter long.

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Itchy Skin

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

The key to both successful indoor air humidification and wintertime skin health is proper heating and cooling system function. Even if you haven’t noticed issues with your home or business’ HVAC system, scheduling HVAC maintenance — including furnace maintenance and AC maintenance — in the short term can help you avoid frigid nights in the long term. During a heater tune-up, our technicians follow a comprehensive HVAC maintenance checklist in order to ensure optimal functionality of your system. Moreover, scheduling prompt, regular maintenance can even help extend the overall lifespan of your system and ensure peak function and efficiency.

Reconsider Showering Habits

There’s nothing like a hot shower or bath to restore warmth and comfort when the temperature drops. However, bathing in hot water can leave your skin dehydrated and depleted. This is particularly true for individuals with dry, sensitive skin types that are prone to dehydration. Other in-shower concerns include cleansing product ingredients — harsh face and body washes with moisture-stripping ingredients can remove essential moisture from the skin and prevent the skin from retaining moisture naturally. Skip long, hot showers and instead aim to take lukewarm showers that are under 15 minutes and stick to moisturizing skincare ingredients when bathing.

Install A Humidification System

Adequate humidity levels are integral aspects of indoor comfort as well as skin health — most individuals are comfortable with a relative indoor humidity level of 30-50 percent. One of the best ways to restore indoor moisture lost due to inadequate humidity levels is with the addition of a humidifier, which increases and balances indoor air moisture levels. Humidification systems exist in a wide range of different sizes and configurations — our HVAC company offers top-tier indoor air quality services during which our technicians can inspect your property and help you determine the best type of humidifier for your specific indoor air needs.

Insulate Your Indoor Spaces

Sealing cracks, holes, and open spaces around doors and windows can help you both achieve and maintain healthy skin moisture levels. On top of that, it can also keep furnaces functioning at peak efficiency and monthly heating bills low, as you won’t have to crank up the heat as high. Investing in door and window seals can likewise help you achieve healthy, supple skin by helping you better regulate indoor humidity levels and temperature. We recommend starting by searching for drafts around each door frame, window sill, and electrical outlet. Then, seal these areas either with caulk or weatherstripping to keep indoor warmth from escaping outdoors.